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Systems Engineering Transformation through Model Centric Engineering Past-Why, Present-What, and Future-How

Comparison of the Simulink Design Verifier with T-VEC Vector Generation System

What is Model Driven Engineering (MDE) and How Can it Impact Process, People, Tools and Productivity

2010 Technology and Business Trends

Objective Measures for V&V and Software Reliability

What is Good About SOA Is What is Bad About SOA

Guidelines for Software Tool Qualification

Strategies for Web and GUI Testing

Strategies Leading To Successful Integration and Test

Bayesian Networks - A New Class of Management Tools for Prediction, Estimation and Risk Managemen

Bayesian Belief Network Approach to Software Reliability

Process Workflow and Application Lifecycle Management Tool Survey

Component Assessment Using Specification-Based Analysis and Testing

Applying the Test Automation Framework With Use Cases and the Unified Modeling Language

Requirement-Driven Planning, Testing & Measurement

Guidelines for Using Test Automation Framework Measures

Improving Cost, Schedule, and Quality Targets through Improved Requirements and Testing Practices

Model-Based Verification and Validation for Security Requirements of Systems

Guidance for Achieving Mission Assurance in Software-Intensive Systems

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Risks and Mitigation Strategies for Using Automatic Code Generation Tools

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Defining Requirements For and Designing Safety-Critical Software Intensive Systems Training

Model-based Development and Automated Testing

T-VEC and Simulink Tester Training

Model Driven Engineering for High Dependability Systems

Testing Complex Systems